The Agile MSP Manifesto

The Agile MSP Manifesto

28 October 2015

Modern MSPs must adopt Agile to survive, and companies that don’t get with it will be relegated to competing in an increasingly commoditized market of “me too” service providers that believe that “good enough” is good enough. The companies that are “agile” enough to survive rapid market changes and strive for rapid, continuous improvement are the companies that have, knowingly or not, been leading this charge. Agile began in manufacturing but has been long applied to the software development industry. Amazingly, the same problems that plagued manufacturing and software development also affect the quality of service produced by MSPs.

It is time Managed Service Providers rethink how services are delivered. Studies show that leveraging agile directly leads to increased productivity, higher quality outcomes, increased business stakeholder satisfaction, and reduced cost of implementing solutions. We have seen a decrease in average open ticket count by 50% within 6 weeks of adopting agile methodologies.

The Agile MSP is an organization dedicated to providing MSPs with practical examples of how to leverage agile methodologies in their practices. During the month of October we are publishing a series of blogs to introduce agile practices and demonstrate how they can be applied in the context of an MSP. In this series we will cover the following topics:

  • Implementing Kanban on Service Boards and Projects
  • Hosting Daily Standup meetings
  • Using real-time communication tools to increase project visibility within the team and customer engagement
  • Working in time bound cycles

Join us in a movement that is well past due. Change how service is delivered by engaging your team and customers in authentic conversations and interactions that will have a true impact on how we do “managed services”.

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