Implementing Kanban on Service Boards and Projects

How Post It Notes Can Change The Way You Work

How Post It Notes Can Change The Way You Work

2 November 2015

The Agile Manifesto states that we value “people of process.” The nucleus of agile development is real-time communication. At Liberty Technology we believe that the tenets of agile not only apply to software development but they can also be leveraged in IT Managed Services, infrastructure/endpoint support, deployment projects, and general business practices. We have implemented the best and most appropriate aspects of agile software development into our day-to-day.

Service boards are a great way to track and manage incidents, but they lack the visual elements crucial to fully understanding the status of the whole. Complicated workflows and SLA triggers only partially solve the problem. Kanban is an illustrative way to see work in progress and quickly identify roadblocks. Keeping work moving is integral to increasing productivity and decreasing waste. We have implemented Kanban as an overlay to our service and project boards to quickly visualize progress.

Liberty Technology uses ConnectWise as our Business Management Platform. As longtime users of the system we have been implementing customized reporting and dashboards for years. When we started down the path towards an agile practice we realized the need for service tickets to be visually reflected on Kanban boards. We have chosen Kanbanize as our tool. Utilizing the robust APIs from both systems we now have tickets from our service board showing on our Kanban board. Changes in status from either system updates the tickets appropriately. This tool is integral in our implementation of daily standup meetings and visualizing work in progress to quickly identify issues.

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