Our Goal

Changes In Technology Require Agile

Our Goal

11 March 2016

The Agile Manifesto states that “we are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.” In the same spirit The Agile MSP is an organization dedicated to uncovering better ways of providing IT services. We value our teams and the communications that come from collectively solving problems and delivering solutions that make business better. It is thrilling to see the results from implementing these new processes in our practice.

It is high time the traditional and accepted ITIL methodologies within the service support space be challenged and ultimately improved upon. There has been chatter for several years of finding new and innovative alternatives but nothing has surfaced as a reasonable, well-thought-out alternative. We believe the agile tenets are the catalyst needed to revolutionize the service support business. In Jeff Sutherland’s book “Scrum”, he tells the story of a speech he gave to Bellsouth in the mid-nineties where he told them to “change or die”. Within our business and economy we work under a similar paradigm. Technology is progressing at a rate that doesn’t just create room for agile, it necessitates it – in other words, we feel we must “change or die”.

The Agile MSP utilizes the experience of their leadership in agile software development. Our COO managed a team of designers in Georgia and Alabama along with a Development team in Tennessee and Kentucky to produce a high-end custom application in the medical billing space. When the product went to market, the customer and market both responded with “amazing”. The client went on to win the Product Release of the Year award at the Technology Association of Georgia’s annual event. The customer had to quickly double their sales and implementation teams to keep up with the demand. We are applying that expertise to our go-to-market strategy for the new Agile Enterprise.

In the coming months we are repurposing our popular lipstickonapig.org forum into an open source community dedicated to sharing in a conversation about how we all deliver IT support. In the meantime, stay connected by visiting theagilemsp.com/connect. We look forward to all that is to come.

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