Working In Time Bound Cycles

Working in Time Bound Cycles

8 February 2016

Working in time bound cycles facilitates the constant improvement key to an effective agile team. Scrum is an agile framework that focuses work into tight incremental cycles that can be summed up as “create, review, improve.” Implementation is broken into smaller, more manageable timeframes, and stakeholders can review progress early on and provide feedback to avoid costly mistakes. The managed service business does not traditionally align with this method of delivery due to the random nature of issues, however, applying the methodology for implementing agile within any organization is very powerful.

Our service team works in two-week sprints. At the beginning of the sprint we plan for the process we are going to implement; use of the kanban, standup meeting cadence, how to prioritize tickets, and ways of assigning work are just a few examples. From there we work the sprint, implementing the new processes.

Following the sprint, we take the time to stop and complete a review and retrospective to capitalize on the things that worked well and identify areas that could be better for future implementation. We tried a number of process combinations while implementing agile, always staying focused on our key metrics and making tweaks in real-time. Our diligence led to an average of 50% more tickets closed per day over the course of 6 sprints.

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